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Exercise Science Career in New Mexico - NM

According to November 2010 data, 8.5% of New Mexico’s residents were unemployed.  This figure demonstrated an increase from 8.1% in November of the prior year.  High unemployment typically corresponds with significant numbers of uninsured, and 2009 data reported almost 25% of the state’s residents did not have health coverage.  As access to health care continues to pose unresolved challenges for many across the Land of Enchantment, individuals who enter exercise science careers in New Mexico can at least be part of the solution as they help others understand the importance of movement and fitness to achieve good health.  In cities like Las Cruces, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, these degree holders can advocate health and well-being by promoting the immeasurable value of exercise in both the immediate and long-term.

A degree in exercise science prepares individuals to enter an array of career choices that require an understanding of the human body and the ways in which its well-being is supported through movement.  Individuals who specialize in this field can work in array of settings such as health clubs, hospitals such as Memorial Medical Center and St. Vincent Hospital and companies that staff wellness coordinators.  Where they work is contingent on the role and responsibilities degree holders want to assume.