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Exercise Science Career in South Dakota - SD

By pursuing an exercise science degree in South Dakota, you will have the opportunity to take your career in one of numerous different directions. While many people tend to think of exercise science as only pertaining to sports, it is actually directed towards the scientific study of physical activity and its affect on the body.

Exercise science professionals can work in a wide variety of facilities that focus on physical activity as either the path to good health or as part of the cure for debilitating health conditions. Professionals in this field can work in athletic departments as personal trainers, athletic directors, and sports nutritionists; in rehabilitation facilities as physical therapists, wellness specialists, and cardiac rehab specialists; and even in health clubs as sports medicine specialists, risk assessment managers, and exercise physiologists.

As an exercise physiologist in South Dakota, you will be responsible for using physical activity to help rehabilitate patients suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Currently, about 8.3% of South Dakota’s population is considered either diabetic or prediabetic; while nearly 26% of residents are living with high blood pressure. However, exercise science professionals can have a profound affect on the lives of these patients by using exercise to strengthen the body’s overall condition.

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