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Exercise Science Career in Utah - UT

As the issue of obesity in the United States continues to gain national attention, the need for exercise science professionals continues to grow. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 261,100 fitness workers employed in 2008. This number is expected to swell to 337,900 by 2018, indicating 29% employment growth for this occupation. Therefore, those aspiring to develop exercise science careers in Utah can expect an optimistic occupational outlook as well. According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, there are already thousands of professionals employed in the field of exercise science throughout the state. These professionals include: fitness and aerobics instructors (2,161), occupational therapists (468), physical therapists (1,143), sports coaches (3,306), and athletic trainers (153). 

Those with exercise science careers in Utah are employed in diverse settings. For instance, many professionals can find jobs in hospitals and medical centers. Therefore, some job opportunities may be available at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, University of Utah Health Care, Saint Mark’s Hospital, and Intermountain Medical Center. Yet, professionals that work in exercise science may also find positions available in community schools, home health care services, nursing care facilities, offices of health care practitioners, health clubs, worksite health promotion organizations, and adult fitness centers. When looking for employment in Utah, professionals are generally advised to start by targeting bigger cities like West Jordan, Provo, West Valley, and Salt Lake City where higher concentration of the population tend to live.

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