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Exercise Science Career in Vermont - VT

Many students and professionals are attracted to the field of exercise science because it can lead to so many different career possibilities. For instance, those interested in pursuing exercise science careers in Vermont can often find jobs in nursing fitness, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, illness prevention, physical or occupational therapy, recreation, sports psychology, exercise physiology, cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation, education, nutrition, and clinical research.

Because of the diverse nature of the field, professionals that work in exercise science can find employment in multiple industries and settings including but not limited to community health and fitness facilities, clinical or rehabilitative sites, wellness organizations, educational services, athletic clubs, ambulatory health care services, private practices, recreation centers, and nursing and residential care facilities.

Hospitals and medical centers are also common places that hire exercise science professionals, therefore jobseekers in Burlington, Essex, Colchester, and Rutland could find available positions at Fletcher Allen Health Care-Medical Center Campus, Central Vermont Medical Center, Southwestern Vermont Health Care, and Rutland Regional Medical Center.

As public awareness concerning the health benefits of implementing exercise into everyday life continues to grow, the demand for professionals with exercise science careers in Vermont is on the rise. According to the Vermont Department of Labor, there are already thousands of professionals working throughout the state with jobs that directly involve exercise. The number of employees found in some exercise science careers is as follows: physical therapists (848), fitness trainers and aerobics instructors (812), chiropractors (229), athletic trainers (105), fitness and wellness coordinators (229). The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that occupational outlooks will be especially promising for those seeking part time employment.

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