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Exercise Science Career in Wyoming - WY

One of the most positive factors about exercise science careers in Wyoming is that your professional potential is vast. Professionals who work in the exercise science field are included under a large umbrella of different careers, so you really have the opportunity to take your career in one of many directions.

In Wisconsin, the majority of exercise science professionals choose to work in fitness settings either as personal trainers or fitness instructors; but still a large percentage of them pursue careers in the clinical aspect of exercise science. Those who prefer work in clinical settings typically pursue careers as cardiac rehabilitation specialists, fitness specialists, or wellness specialists. With an exercise science degree you have the unique ability to choose which area of patient care you want to focus your expertise on.

In recent years, exercise science professionals have seen greater career opportunities. One of the reasons for this trend is the number of both clients and patients seeking care. During 2007 alone, nearly 28% of Wyoming residents were diagnosed with arthritis, representing nearly 150,000 residents. Because arthritic patients can re-gain much of their mobility through regular physical activity, exercise science professionals should expect health conditions like arthritis to have a considerable impact on employment opportunities.

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