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Exercise Science Degrees in Alabama - AL

Alabama has over 30 public and private universities, two of which are medical schools. There are also many community colleges, technical institutes, federal institutions and online distance learning programs. Schools offer associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral level programs. Non–degree or certificate programs are also available for certain professions in this field. Options for getting an exercise science degree in Alabama are as varied as exercise science careers themselves.

Coursework in exercise science has a foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, health and the social sciences. Undergraduates can also expect to take some basic liberal arts classes.  Depending on the direction a student wants to pursue elective courses can vary greatly. Taking advantage of the academic advisor's expertise in course selection would be helpful in sorting out the options and finding the best fit.

Depending on career goals, other courses that could be expected include ones that focus on specific populations such as children, the elderly or athletes. Anatomy, exercise physiology, psychology, nutrition, biomechanics might also be on the class schedule. Many programs will require supervised fieldwork as part of the degree program.

Most exercise science degrees are four year undergraduates, although certain career goals can be satisfied by shorter programs. Some possible four year degrees inclde a BA in Health Care Studies - Exercise Science or Physical Education, a BA in Organizational Management or Physical Education, a BS in Health and Wellness, Nutrition Science or Public Health.

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