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Exercise Science Degrees in Alaska - AK

Getting an exercise science degree in Alaska can be more of a challenge than in the lower forty eight but is certainly possible. While Alaska as a state has about a dozen colleges and universities, not all of them have health career programs. Students in Alaska have the option of online distance learning to fill the gap in education.

While a four year degree is necessary for many careers in the exercise science field – such as physical or occupational therapy – some jobs can be had with two year or non-degree certificate programs.  For many exercise science careers, it is very important that a school be accredited in order to get certification and/or state licensing if that is necessary.

A good academic advisor will be of great help in sorting out the available options. Some people drawn to the field through personal interest can begin their careers by completing a shorter program first. This is particularly advantageous to a student who already has some hands on experience.  They can then begin earning an income as a certified professional while pursuing further education in their field which will lead to further career advancement. This is a natural path for someone who is eager to live in Alaska for the lifestyle benefits.

Coursework to be expected from most exercise science schools includes chemistry, biology, speech, nutrition, anatomy and psychology. Beyond specific prerequisites, a broad liberal arts background is required – some classes in English, math, and social science usually must be taken to complete a degree. Classes in cultural sensitivity would be helpful for the non-native Alaskan considering work with the native populations. Many programs also require hands on supervised practicum for graduation.

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