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Exercise Science Degrees in Arizona - AZ

Arizona has three public universities and, remarkably, only one traditional single-site, non-profit four-year private university.  Multi-site colleges, vocational schools and community colleges dominate private education in Arizona. Many of these will have accredited health science degree programs in various specialties. Also entering the field are online distance learning options or schools that blend online with campus based learning.

Besides having desirable coursework, a school should have competent academic and financial advisors to help the students best meet their goals. A good percentage of jobs, such as those in physical therapy, require four-year degrees and certification. Other jobs can be entered into with fewer credentials with either a non-degree/certificate or a two-year degree. Advancement in the field comes with master’s or doctoral level study.

According to the Department of Labor, there are approximately 350 accredited undergraduate schools in the United States offering exercise science degrees.  Education is often both class based and done in clinical settings.  Courses, no matter what the specialty, are science and health centered and can include human anatomy, physiology, nutrition and biomechanics. A variety of liberal arts classes are also necessary for graduation. For those who earn an exercise science degree in Arizona and want to teach, classes in education are required as well.

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