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Exercise Science Degrees in Arkansas - AR

With approximately 30 public and private colleges and universities in Arkansas, there are plenty of in state options for those interested in getting an exercise science degree. Other students prefer to get their education from online universities or through blended programs. Going online is a first step toward researching the right career, the right school and the right program.

Many careers in exercise science have entry level requirements at the certification or associate's degree level. Master's and doctoral programs are available nationwide. For example, the Department of Labor's 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook states that there are 212 physical therapist education programs in the nation with 12 awarding master’s degrees.  They also state that currently, only undergraduate degree physical therapist programs are accredited.

Whether looking for an exercise science career in sports or gerontology there is basic coursework common to all degrees. Outside of a liberal arts grounding in English, math and science, a student could expect to study foundational biology, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and behavioral science. Going further there may be study of evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning as well as the use of diagnostic tools including x-rays, MRIs, sonography and the like.  In addition to classroom and laboratory instruction, students often receive supervised clinical experience.

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