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Exercise Science Degrees in California - CA

To obtain a degree in exercise science in California, you should plan to take a variety of science and nutrition courses. In addition, psychology, sociology and communication courses would be beneficial in understanding the way people and groups operate and how best to teach them, either individually or as a group. Thus, courses such as biology, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, and other similar courses are typically required for exercise science majors. These and other courses help you learn how the human body functions and how exercise and movement affect the different parts of the body. Other courses may include sports management, biomechanics, and fitness assessment and exercise prescription.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in exercise science may also obtain practical experience through laboratory classes, practicum, and internships. Information from these hands-on, real-world settings help students understand the challenges and benefits of working with people to help them set and reach their fitness goals, as well as understand how various body types respond to various kinds of physical movement. Other opportunities for obtaining practical experience, which may be required for credit or simply available for training, include working as fitness trainers for various sports teams at the college level or in the local community. These types of experiences will allow you to target more specifically the type of job you want to obtain once you have completed your degree.
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