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Exercise Science Degrees in Connecticut - CT

Exercise science degrees in Connecticut often stress one of three different areas of specialization: fitness management, exercise physiology, or biomechanics. Each focuses on a slightly different aspect of the field. Fitness management, for example, focuses on teaching students how to help people get into shape and improve their health. The types of positions for students with this kind of major may include corporate, industrial, recreational, or clinical settings. An exercise physiologist helps people improve their athletic performance by knowing how training, metabolism, fitness, and nutrition work together to affect the human body and its ability to perform at peak conditions. The study of biomechanics includes more mechanical methods of body movement, including the structure, function, movement, and physics of the human body.

An exercise science major will need to take courses in chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, and other science courses. Major-specific courses may include strength and conditioning courses, resistance training techniques, and first aid and safety. In addition, communication skills are essential for success in a field in which constant interaction with people, either one-on-one or with a group, is part of the normal job requirement. Interpersonal skills, including the ability to motivate and encourage people who may or may not be self-motivated to do what is recommended, are also key.

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