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Exercise Science Degrees in Delaware - DE

Exercise science degrees in Delaware require knowledge and competency in fields such as biology, chemistry, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, and fitness. Part of the educational foundation is learning how the body works, the nutrients and conditions it needs to work most efficiently, and what problems or diseases affect the proper functioning of the various body systems. In addition, courses that teach exercise and nutrition information are important so that the exercise science professional knows what options are available to help others attain and maintain physical fitness. Thus, courses such as first aid, weight conditioning, techniques for teaching exercise classes, and other similar tools are also part of the curriculum.

Many professionals continue their education by becoming certified in specific types of conditioning regimens. Certification courses are typically offered by a national organization that oversees, regulates, and maintains the integrity of the exercise. For example, a person can become certified in strength and conditioning, Pilates, or aerobics. Not all certifying bodies require that a person have a degree prior to enrolling in their program, although it is becoming more common that employers require at least a bachelor’s degree plus additional certification prior to employment. Some professionals choose to continue with their education in a more formal manner by attending graduate school to become a specialist in nutrition, biomechanics, or physical therapy.

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