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Exercise Science Degrees in Florida - FL

Obtaining an exercise science degree in Florida will involve taking a number of science-based courses as well as classes that teach specific techniques for teaching or assisting others with activities related to exercise and fitness. Science courses would likely include anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, kinesiology, and nutrition. Other courses would include strength and conditioning techniques, exercise assessment and prescription, behavior modification, and communication. In addition, some institutions may provide opportunities for students to gain experience in the field through internships in a variety of settings to give the students practice in different exercise-related positions. A more informal opportunity would be for the student to job shadow someone in their profession of interest.

Another consideration is obtaining certification in a specific type (or several types) of exercise specialty. These exams typically have both a written and a practical component that measure understanding and knowledge of proper exercise techniques, the human body and how it functions, and the ability to assess a client’s fitness level and provide an appropriate exercise regimen. Many employers require that their exercise fitness teachers be certified in at least one area of fitness. Personal trainers, Pilates instructors, and aerobics teachers are just a few examples of exercise professionals who become certified in their field of interest.

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