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Exercise Science Degrees in Hawaii - HI

Unlike many degree programs, the exercise science field offers something for nearly every level of educational background. Some individuals are given on-the-job training and certification with just a high school diploma or GED. Others pursue an associate’s degree and obtain higher certification. Still others earn a bachelor’s or master’s and undergo much more intensive training. There are even a select number who pursue a PhD in an exercise science field.

The normal route for pursuing an exercise science degree in Hawaii is to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science or Master’s of Science. Within that broad degree program, students select a concentration to focus their training on. Occasionally, students choose to simultaneously work toward a minor in a similar scientific field. Doing so affords them a more extensive training and opens up more career opportunities.

The coursework in Hawaii’s exercise science degree programs include the studies of physiology, psychology and kinesiology. Depending upon the degree, chemistry and mathematics coursework is also included, at varying levels of difficulty.

After graduation and certification in their desired career field, individuals have a number of places they can use their newfound knowledge. Some choose to work as physical education teachers in schools, others as fitness instructors or trainers at private and corporate fitness clubs. For those who wish to work within a more clinical setting, the state features many excellent medical facilities. On the Big Island, Honolulu features Kuakini Medical Center as well as The Queen's Medical Center and the city of Hilo features Hilo Medical Center.

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