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Exercise Science Degrees in Indiana - IN

Students pursuing an exercise science degree in Indiana have several options for education at schools located in Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, Merrillville, Michigan City, South Bend, and Hammond. The exercise science field is such that there are job opportunities for many educational backgrounds. From a two-year associate’s degree, and even up through post-baccalaureate education, there are a wide variety of career paths to work toward.

Indiana’s exercise science degree programs include coursework focused on kinesiology, physiology, and psychology. Also, individuals should expect to complete chemistry and mathematics coursework when working toward their degree. One benefit of working toward an exercise science degree is the educational opportunities it provides. For instance, an individual with an associate’s degree can venture into the work field and later decide to return to school for a bachelor’s degree. The same rings true for those with a bachelor’s returning to school to obtain a master’s.

Indiana’s exercise science degrees and certifications include an Associate’s in Health & Fitness Training, Fitness Trainer Certification, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, BS with a concentration in Science in Athletic Training, Master of Science in Kinesiology, MS with a concentration in Exercise Physiology, MS with a concentration in Biomechanics, and PhD in several areas of Kinesiology as well. This isn’t an exhaustive list, however, as there are a number of concentrations within the exercise science major.

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