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Exercise Science Degrees in Kentucky - KY

An exercise science degree in Kentucky can open the door to various career options. There are different degrees suited to different careers. Some careers only require an associate’s degree while others may require a master’s or even a doctorate. For a field as diverse as exercise science, you should do a bit of personal research before determining what career trajectory is the right one for you. The classes you need for becoming a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist would be different from the ones you need to become a fitness trainer.

The programs offer a variety of coursework based on the focus of the program and the degree, but some knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology (the science of relationships between physiological movements and human body anatomy) and biomechanics would be involved. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) states that the field of exercise science is a much broader one than sports medicine as it can be applied to non-athletic activities as well.

You can get started in this discipline with an associate’s degree from one of Kentucky’s college campuses, or online, and based on your career choice, enroll in bachelor’s or even graduate level programs. The careers resulting from an exercise science degree can vary from fitness instructor to recreational director to physiatrists (who specialize in rehabilitative medicine).  Choose a career, understand the requirements and get started in this burgeoning field, which is expecting a much faster than average projected growth rate based on a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

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