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Exercise Science Degrees in Maryland - MD

The world of exercise science is a stimulating, challenging, fulfilling and quite diverse arena. One person with a degree in exercise science may choose a totally different career route than another person with the same degree would. Possessing an exercise science degree in Maryland opens up many doors in the field relating to the science of physical fitness.

Maryland exercise science degrees can be obtained online, through the traditional university or college setting, and at a variety of vocational schools. Degrees in exercise science vary and may be at the associate, bachelor or masters level. Some examples of degrees in the sports and exercise science field include Kinesiology, Physical Education (with or without teaching certification in Maryland, although such certification is mandated if you plan to work in a public school setting), Exercise Physiology, Physical Cultural Studies, and Cognitive Motor Neuroscience. While these majors may sound vastly different, they are all based in exercise science. Some of the common courses found in all of these majors would include biomechanics of human motion, sports science, physiology of exercise, anatomy, motor development, psychology of sport, athletic conditioning, children and sport, exercise and aging, applied physiology, kinesiology in the workplace, and movement disorders.

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