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Exercise Science Degrees in Minnesota - MN

Exercise science degrees in Minnesota are offered through Internet classes that provide the training necessary to pursue careers in the field.  The online format permits learners the flexibility of attending classes at times that best correspond with their schedule demands including work and family responsibilities.  While the majority of instruction is via Internet, some programs may offer a blended program model that couples online learning with brief residential stays so students learn how to skillfully use exercise equipment and are afforded the chance to interact in-person with peers and faculty.

Individuals can opt to earn an associate, a bachelor or a master degree in exercise science through Web studies.  The two-year degree instructs students in exercise physiology, anatomy and medical terminology.  The four-year degree builds learners’ knowledge in exercise theory, child fitness and nutrition, and the advanced degree helps them learn about leadership and relevant research.  Both of these degree types focus attention on human movement and how best to gather and to utilize data to design appropriate fitness programs to support others’ well-being.  After attaining their degrees, some individuals may choose to also earn national certification to designate their specialties in areas of expertise such as clinical exercise and strength and conditioning.  Certification further validates their ability as professionals.

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