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Exercise Science Degrees in Missouri - MO

Certainly, the 6 million residents of Missouri represent all ages, races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  While this diversity in unquestionable, one common thread among all people is how fitness can build their strength, improve their joint functions and help to ward off potential medical issues brought about by inactivity and excess weight.  Those who earn an exercise degree in Missouri can provide expert guidance in this effort.  Because there are no campus-based programs that offer this credential in the state, learners must engage in coursework via online studies.  While the majority of studies are undertaken via the Web, some programs offer a blended model of instruction that also requires brief residency on-site so students and faculty can meet face-to-face for intense instruction as well as hands-learning through experiential activities. 

Online associate, bachelor and master degree offerings allow individuals to determine the most appropriate course schedule for their lifestyles that will still enable them to meet family, work and other important obligations they may have.  Instruction is provided over either 24 months or four-years for undergraduates, and over about two years for graduate students.  Learners in these programs deepen their comprehension of kinesiology, anatomy and biomechanics.  Students can also opt to earn certification in specialties such as group exercise and personal training to further distinguish their abilities among their colleagues.

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