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Exercise Science Degrees in Nevada - NV

In 2008, almost 345,000 people, or 13% of Nevada’s population, lived in primary health professional shortage areas (HPSAs).  This percentage exceeded that of the nation, which was calculated as less than 12%.  Although a shortage such as this creates challenges that must be addressed, one way they can be offset is through proper diet and exercise that can act as forms of preventive health care.  Exercise science degrees in Nevada can equip individuals with the know-how necessary to help others learn what they can do to better ensure their own well-being through the adoption of healthy habits.

Web-based courses offer degree options for those who want to earn credentials in the field.  Through online studies that permit learners the flexibility to set their own pace and to determine their own schedules, enrollees are able to accommodate lifestyle obligations such as family and work while continuing to pursue either a two- or four-year degree.  Moreover, they explore topics including medical terminology, anatomy, kinesiology and biology while engaging in knowledge creation and exchange with classmates across the state, the nation and the world.  Master degree students also learn about research that is evolving in the field and its applicability to their work as practitioners.  Regardless of whether they are physically located in either Henderson or Northern Las Vegas, students can acquire the same quality education needed to transition seamlessly into careers of their choice.  Moreover, the brief, in-person components required in most online programs provide them the training needed to operate the kinds of exercise equipment they will use as professionals. 

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