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Exercise Science Degrees in New Hampshire - NH

Students who would like to earn an exercise science degree in New Hampshire may ultimately be interested in becoming a fitness instructor, physical or occupational therapist, physical education teacher, or another of the numerous career possibilities within the arena of exercise science. There are a host of schools in New Hampshire offering varying degrees in exercise science, located both online and in college and university settings. Depending upon a student’s career goal, he or she will earn a certificate, associate degree, bachelor degree or graduate degree.

No matter what one’s career goals are or the exact title of one’s major in exercise science, courses that can be found in these programs are similar. Some of the course titles found in exercise science degree programs include physiology of exercise, kinesiology, musculoskeletal assessment, applied physiology, exercise prescription, exercise leadership, nutrition, chemistry, psychology, writing and interpersonal communication.

Most exercise science programs in New Hampshire also require students to participate in a clinical internship. Here, students get the chance to work with real clients and practice the knowledge and skills that they have learned in the classroom. Clinical experiences and practicums are also a great way to network and create future job connections that students can use after graduation.

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