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Exercise Science Degrees in New York - NY

Although the median household income in New York exceeded $50,000 in 2007-2009, which was slightly higher than the national median household income, the state’s poverty rate based on 2009 household data exceeded15%.  Undoubtedly, financially hard times that have plagued the country have had effects on all of the states including New York.  Although access to health care may be compromised as a result, those who earn exercise science degrees in New York can help individuals who aspire to lead healthy lives by teaching and facilitating the work it takes to strengthen and condition their bodies through movement.

Those who wish to pursue undergraduate degrees in the field in either two- or four-year programs in New York must do so through Web-based studies that address concepts in biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology.  Those who seek master’s degrees delve deeply into these topics as well as study concepts in leadership and relevant research.  The convenience of online studies affords students the ability to set class schedules that best align with their lifestyles as well as providing the opportunity to exchange knowledge with other students worldwide.  Students in Syracuse and Yonkers can easily connect with classmates around the country and around the globe.  To complement their Internet coursework, students will most likely be required to participate in brief, on-site residential learning activities that will bring faculty and students together for face-to-face teaching and discussions.  After they complete their degrees, individuals may decide to further distinguish themselves by earning certification in their area of specialty, e.g., personal training.

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