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Exercise Science Degrees in North Carolina - NC

In 2007, more than one-third of children in North Carolina were obese.  These young people, ages 10 to 17, may find themselves unknowingly succumbing to unhealthy habits that will continue to develop unintentionally over the years.  Unfortunately for many, these become chronic behaviors that can have lifelong detrimental effects.  Earning an exercise science degree in North Carolina can help those who want to help both youth and adults understand the importance of staying physical fit so they can prevent many of the complications that arise due to poor lifestyle management.

Studies for exercise science degrees in North Carolina are Web-based, providing the ease of scheduling that allows individuals to set their own pace for learning.  For those who work full-time and/or have families in cities such as High Point, Charlotte and Wilmington, this flexibility can prove critical to their academic success.  Undergraduate degree seekers can opt to enroll in either two- or four-year degree programs in which they study subjects including kinesiology, biomechanics and medical terminology.  Graduate degree seekers who want to earn a master degree will strengthen leadership and communication skills as well as explore research in the field.  In both levels of study, individuals are generally required to attend short, on-campus sessions that convene students and faculty for in-person discussions and hands-on learning of equipment usage.  Graduates of exercise science programs may also opt to earn certification in their area of expertise, e.g., personal training, to further highlight their accomplishments in the field.

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