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Exercise Science Degrees in South Carolina - SC

An exercise science degree can range in levels from associate’s to doctorate. Depending on the level and major you choose, it can lead to one of many career options. Though the coursework included in each degree varies based on institution, level and the major offered, it usually includes disciplines of exercise physiology, motor control and development, sports nutrition/psychology, kinesiology and basic human anatomy. Lots of exercise science degrees in South Carolina combine instructional knowledge with practical training, usually in the form of an internship. The degree holders from such programs can find work in diverse roles within varied industries such as fitness and health care businesses, civic organizations, hospitals, marketing, research and other industries.

The degree you pursue will depend on the career path you choose for yourself. As a graduate from an associate’s program, you can find work as a personal trainer in a health club or civic organization. Bachelor’s degree holders can fulfill roles such as biomechanist while those with master’s can work as college coaches and post secondary teachers, when holding appropriate certifications. The option of becoming a physical, occupational, or recreational therapist is also available with the right education and training. These are examples only and there are numerous other career trajectories to choose from.

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