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Exercise Science Degrees in South Dakota - SD

The majority of exercise science degrees in South Dakota are available at the bachelor’s level. However, there are master’s degree programs available as well. Although most students in South Dakota choose to begin at the bachelor’s level and seek entry-level employment, other professionals reach the master’s degree level in order to pursue even more skilled areas of exercise science.

In general, these programs will focus strongly on the scientific study of kinesiology, or movement, and how it affects both the physical stature of the human body as well as the mind; teaching students how regular activity can not only strengthen the core of the body, but also how it can help keep detrimental health conditions at bay.

With an exercise science degree in South Dakota, you can expect to take a variety of essential courses that include:

  • Healthcare Ethics and Medical Law
  • Adult Development and Life Assessment
  • Kinesiology
  • Anatomy
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