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Exercise Science Degrees in Tennessee - TN

Right now, it is easier than ever for students to earn the formal education and training needed to pursue careers in exercise science. In fact, there are over a dozen different state universities, technical universities, private universities, and private colleges that are offering exercise science degrees in Tennessee. These degree programs exist in locations throughout the state in cities like Knoxville, Cookeville, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Memphis, Madisonville, Jefferson City, Chattanooga, Harrogate, Jackson, Dayton, Henderson, Collegedale, and Greeneville. The best way to quickly find these exercise science programs is by looking for schools that have departments of kinesiology, recreation, sports studies, exercise science, physical education and wellness, and health and sport sciences within them, because these departments are where exercise science education is likely offered. 

Since studying exercise science can lead to a variety of different careers, is important to get a general idea of which occupation within this field you intend to pursue. Once you have selected a particular profession in the field of exercise science, it is important to research the educational requirements needed to practice that profession according to state and/or federal regulations. Fortunately, there is an exercise science degree in Tennessee at every undergraduate and graduate level. For instance, students that are not ready to commit to a four-year baccalaureate program can first earn an Associate in Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree. Yet those that are prepared to enter into a baccalaureate program can either enroll in a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (most common) or a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree program. Furthermore, there are three major master’s degree options: Master in Science in Kinesiology: Exercise Physiology, Master of Science in Exercise Science, and Master of Arts in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness with concentrations in Adapted Physical Education, Elementary/Middle School Physical Education, and Lifetime Wellness. Finally, professionals and students that aspire to earn a doctorate degree can complete a PhD in Kinesiology and Sport Studies: Exercise Physiology or a PhD in Human Performance: Exercise Science program in Tennessee.

Although each exercise science program in Tennessee is uniquely designed, students can typically expect coursework in subjects like sports medicine, preventative health, cardiac rehabilitation, physical fitness, epidemiology, orthopedics, human movement, and exercise psychology. Examples of specifics courses include: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, Strength and Conditioning, Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics, Principles of Exercise Prescription, Exercise Programs for Special Populations, and Psychological Aspects of Exercise. However, classroom instruction is usually only part of the academic experience. Most of the educational programs conclude with applied clinical practice in a setting dedicated to exercise, fitness, physical health, and wellness.

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