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Exercise Science Degrees in Vermont - VT

Exercise science programs throughout Vermont teach students many exciting subjects in the field that will help them to understand and apply valuable information necessary to launch related careers. For instance, most curriculums revolve around topics in exercise as it pertains to health promotion, therapeutic rehabilitation, exercise and movement, physiology, recreation management, biochemistry, physical activity for special populations, anatomy, and motor behavior.

Some specific examples of actual required classes found in these exercise programs include: Sport in Society, Strength Training Principals, Neural Control of Movement, Evaluation and Prescription, Human Performance and Ergogenic Aids, and Nutrient Metabolism and Athletic Performance. Coursework is often introduced through guided readings, classroom lectures, research projects, mentored internships, and supervised clinical training.

Graduates from these programs are awarded an exercise science degree in Vermont that may qualify them for certification in a chosen specialty area.

Online schools and state colleges and universities are the premier places to earn an exercise science degree in Vermont. Students that are more comfortable with onsite degree programs can find them available in cities such as Burlington, Castleton, and Lyndonville. Here, students can enter into education programs that can result in the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science; Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science; Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with specializations in Strength and Conditioning, Clinical Specialist, and Research.

Students looking for graduate exercise science degrees in Vermont are advised to take advantage of one of the many programs provided by online schools. By completing an online exercise science program, students can earn a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with specializations in Health Promotion Wellness and Fitness, Rehabilitation Science, Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, and Sport Psychology.  

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