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Exercise Science Degrees in Virginia - VA

Many students decide to earn an exercise science degree in Virginia because of the many programs available here. State and private universities in cities such as Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Bridgewater, Roanoke, and Lynchburg are offer currently offering bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees not only in exercise science, but in various areas of specializations as well. Some examples of popular degree programs offered throughout the state include: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science, and Master of Science in Exercise Science. Students that enroll in the Master of Science in Exercise Science program can narrow their scope of focus by choosing an area of specialization in Exercise Physiology, Clinical Exercise Physiology, or Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Online schools provide additional opportunities for students to earn exercise science degrees. Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies: Exercise Science and Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotions are among these great online degree options.

Each exercise science degree in Virginia is dedicated to soundly prepare students for advanced studies and/careers in exercise science. Some common areas of study found in these programs are human anatomy, nutrition, exercise physiology, kinesiology, psychology of physical activity, and first aid and safety.

Most exercise science programs are divided into classroom instruction and applied clinical practice sections. Examples of courses include: Biological Foundations of Kinesiology, Theories and Practices of Weight Management, Physical Activity Behaviors, Metabolic and Cardiorespiratory Aspects of Exercise, Principals and Strategies of Athletic Development, Nutritional Concepts in Exercise Science, and Muscle Fitness Activities.

Students may receive clinical training at sites like the Institute of Aging at the University of Virginia, the Center for Cardiac Health and Fitness, and the General Clinical Research Center.

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