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Exercise Science Degrees in Wisconsin - WI

One of the greatest aspects of pursuing an education in exercise science is the amount of flexibility it gives you over your future career, as this particular career field is broad in nature. An exercise science degree in Wisconsin typically gives you two degree options: the bachelor degree’s and the master’s degree. While most entry-level positions only require a bachelor-level education, it is important to keep in mind how pursuing the master’s option can open up your career prospects.

In Wisconsin, the bachelor’s degree in exercise science is generally a 4-year program designed to give you a firm understanding of physical activity and its impact on the human body. The master’s degree takes this a step further and examines that phenomenon further scientifically. Most schools are now offering these programs in online format, so you no longer have to worry about attending traditional campus-based education.

You can expect that your degree in this field will be divided into two parts: the first focusing on our healthcare system and public health, the second on the study of exercise science and its place within the healthcare system in Wisconsin. Some of the curriculum may include courses such as:

  • Activity Benefits and Exercise Prescription in Disease
  • Fitness Programming and Management
  • Physiology of Exercise
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