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Exercise Science Salary in Alaska - AK

Salaries in Alaska tend to be higher than in the mainland United States. For instance according to the Department of Labor (DOL) an occupational therapist makes in Alaska compared to $70,680 for the national average. In the DOL report, Occupational Employment and Wages for May 2009, the leading employers of occupational therapists and their salaries are as follows: home health care services - $81, 360, employment services – $80,490, physician's offices - $78,660 and nursing care facilities - $75,710.

Since careers in exercise science can range so widely depending on education and experience a short article like this cannot hope to give a fully accurate picture of income. This is especially so given the even larger variables of jobs in Alaska – location especially. Many in health-related jobs in Alaska commute around the state, working in several locations at once.

For comparisons sake, some location specific figures for pay can be found on the aggregator web site indeed.com which bases their salary estimates on actual job ads. These salaries are an average for all jobs in occupational therapy in Alaska. Statewide the average is $62,000. The main cities are as follows: Fairbanks and Juneau is $75,000 while Anchorage is $58,000. Benefits can sometimes include relocation fees.

There is another perk to living in Alaska - the Department of Revenue Permanent Fund Dividend that is given to each resident. In 2010 this was $1281, some nice extra income to offset a higher cost of living.

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