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Exercise Science Salary in California - CA

As the lifestyle for the average American tends to become more sedentary due to technological advances, health concerns such as exercise and fitness will become more dependent on individual choice and motivation. The benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a consistent exercise regimen have been proven and are a constant prescription given by health care professionals. Thus, future job prospects for graduates in California with a degree in exercise science are very good. In addition, California residents tend to be very health conscious and have the benefit of beautiful weather and landscape to motivate them to exercise.

Salaries for exercise science graduates vary due to many factors. Geographic setting, type of employer, experience, and additional education or certification affect salary significantly. In addition, a person with an exercise science degree may qualify for a variety of positions, which will add further variation to typical salary figures. Listed below are average salary figures for various positions in several large cities in California. This information is provided by Indeed.com.

California City Personal Trainer Health & Fitness Instructor Exercise Psychologist
Los Angeles, CA $42,000 $52,000 $50,000
San Diego, CA $37,000 $46,000 $44,000
San Jose, CA $50,000 $62,000 $60,000
San Francisco, CA $50,000 $61,000 $59,000
Fresno, CA $34,000 $43,000 $41,000
Sacramento, CA $37,000 $45,000 $44,000
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