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Exercise Science Salary in Delaware - DE

Salaries for exercise science professionals in Delaware vary depending on the specific type of job, the location, and the person’s experience and educational background. More than half of personal trainers and exercise instructors work in fitness centers and health clubs. Others work for civic organizations, such as parks and recreation districts. Hospitals such as Christiana Hospital in Newark, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, and Kent General Hospital in Dover may employ exercise and fitness instructors as part of their wellness programs or as part of their rehabilitation programs. Some exercise science professionals are self-employed and work with individual clients at either their own facilities or at the client’s home.

Many jobs in the exercise and fitness industry are part-time, so it is not uncommon for an instructor to be employed by several institutions. The job prospects for fitness instructors are projected to be very positive over the next several years as health clubs continue to grow. The increased desire of aging baby boomers and the general population to become more health conscious will create on-going demand for fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Salaries tend to be higher in larger cities where there is more opportunity for employment. For example, the average salary for a personal trainer in Wilmington, which is in the heavily populated northern tip of Delaware, is $39,000. In Dover, which is more centrally located on the coast, the average salary is $33,000. Salaries for fitness instructors show a similar pattern: in Wilmington, an average salary is $38,000, whereas in Dover $31,000 is more common.

(Salary information obtained from Indeed.com)

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