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Exercise Science Salary in Florida - FL

Salaries for exercise science professionals in Florida vary depending on the type of environment in which a person works, their certification and educational background, the geographic location, and other factors. Although health and fitness clubs employ the highest number of exercise science professionals, other jobs are available through park districts, long-term care facilities, hotels and resorts, schools, and hospitals. For example, Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville offers personal trainer services through their cardiac rehabilitation program, Florida Hospital in Orlando offers classes on diabetes care, and Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach provided various rehabilitation services—all potential job opportunities for someone with a background in exercise science.

A survey of average salaries for fitness instructors and personal trainers in several of the largest cities in Florida reveals that, for the most part, salaries are quite consistent and fall between $34,000 and $39,000, according to Indeed.com. The salary for fitness instructors tends to be slightly lower in general than that of a personal trainer (usually by $2,000 or less).  Salaries for both fitness instructors and personal trainers tend to go up in cities that are further south, where the climate is more temperate.  Jacksonville and Tallahassee, both in the northern part of the state, range from $34,000-$36,000; Miami and Sarasota, further south on the peninsula, average $37,000-39,000.

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