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Exercise Science Salary in Mississippi - MS

Exercise science salaries in Mississippi range from about $29,000, which is approximately what fitness trainers and aerobics instructors earn annually, to about $40,000, which is the mean yearly income for athletic trainers.  Comparatively, the average wages for these occupations nationally range from about $35,000 to approximately $44,000, respectively, as per data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The number of professionals who work in exercise science-oriented careers will surge significantly by the year 2018.  According to the government’s projected career trends, there will be an almost 30% increase in the number of fitness instructors in the near future.  Much of this growth will occur in correspondence with individuals’ efforts to protect their health and to avoid unnecessary risks through the adoption of regular exercise programs.  The number of athletic trainers will increase by almost 40% in the coming years as these professionals will be needed to help with both hospital therapy and general wellness programs.  As health care costs will more than likely remain on the upswing for the foreseeable future, athletic trainers will also be looked to as experts who can properly condition and prepare athletes to avoid unnecessary dangers and potential injuries.