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Exercise Science Salary in Nebraska - NE

According to the Department of Labor, exercise science salaries in Nebraska vary in accordance to the occupation that degree holders opt to enter.  For instance, fitness trainers, whose work involves leading exercise activities for individuals and groups, earn about $30,000 annually in Nebraska.  Sports coaches who help to assess and to strengthen athletes’ playing abilities earn about the same.  Individuals who work as health educators help to promote and to maintain community-wide health efforts in Nebraska through activities and programs that help individuals adopt healthy habits; they earn, on average, $42,000 a year.

The ever-increasing emphasis on preventive medicine to better ensure healthy longevity means job prospects in exercise science careers will be on the upswing over the next several years.  In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of professionals in related careers will increase by almost 30% by year 2018.  Individuals will find work in community organizations, schools, fitness clubs and organizations like Alegent Healthcare and Blue Cross of Nebraska that are known across the state for providing high-quality medical care.  Exercise will certainly continue to be emphasized and valued to offset the rising costs of health care, particularly to prevent injuries and illnesses that can be avoided through a proper fitness regimen for every age.