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Exercise Science Salary in New York - NY

An exercise science salary in New York is based on the type of career one enters; data reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates this.  For example, according to the government’s wage data by occupation in New York, individuals who lead others in fitness activities as aerobics instructors earn about $49,000 annually.  Those who promote community-wide health through programs that reach the public at-large earn about $46,000 a year and coaches who help athletes develop and enhance their playing abilities earn approximately $38,000 annually.  In comparison to the national mean, aerobics instructors across the U.S. earn $35,000; health educators, $49,000; and coaches, $36,000.

Health care persists as an area of hotly debated policy and increasing concern as its expense continues to escalate.  For many, quality care remains elusive as economics make it inaccessible.  As more efforts are dedicated to preventive medicine to offset these costs and to avoid ongoing treatment and pricey stays at hospitals like Bellevue Hospital and Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, exercise and fitness will become increasingly more important in the years to come.  Practitioners in the field will be viewed as leaders whose know-how can guide New Yorkers to good health.

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