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Exercise Science Salary in North Dakota - ND

Many exercise science graduates, particularly at the BS level, are employed as fitness trainers. The National Employment Matrix predicted that North Dakota’s fitness worker industry would see 16% increase in demand between 2008 and 2018. Such workers make varying amounts. In 2009, 80% of those employed as fitness trainers or yoga instructors in North Dakota had salaries between $14,860 and $31,690. The Bureau of Labor statistics reported $21,560 as the average. Bismarck reported an average of $22,850. Graduate level positions in rehabilitative therapeutics can pay salaries as much as four times that of fitness instructors.

There are also much higher paying positions to aspire to, though they may be competitive. These can include positions in the corporate world or traditional healthcare settings. A recent posting for a director of wellness at the YMCA in Fargo, for instance, listed a salary range of $48,700 to $70,700. The position asked three years prior experience in health program management as well as a degree in exercise science or another related field.

As with any field, opportunities increase with education level as well as years on the job. High levels of education and credentialing can help a person get a position in a premier medical facility like Dakota Clinic, St. Alexius Medical Center, Jamestown Hospital, or Medcenter One Jamestown.