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Exercise Science Salary in Ohio - OH

An exercise science salary in Ohio can be quite variable as there are quite a range of job possibilities. Some people who hold this degree become fitness trainers. In Ohio the average for this occupation is $12.70 an hour or $26,400 a year, according to the BLS. Graduate level positions in rehabilitative therapeutics can pay salaries as much as four times that of fitness instructors. Job prospects, moreover, look good. 16% industry growth was anticipated in the decade 2008-2018.

Those who work as personal training consultants may be self-employed and earn widely varying amounts; depending on the fees they can command. Here it helps to have business savvy as well as profession skill.

Other exercise science workers are employed in different sectors. In some, they earn much more. Exercise science graduates are sometimes employed by medical facilities, in such capacities as exercise physiologist or cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist. Ohio’s premier medical facilities include The Cleveland Clinic and Akron City Hospital, as well as the various University Hospitals and Mercy Hospitals. It is often easier to get choice positions with both a graduate degree and field experience.