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Exercise Science Salary in Texas - TX

An exercise science salary in Texas can vary significantly between occupations within the field. For instance, the Texas Workforce Commission has reported the following annual salary averages for some occupations in exercise science: fitness trainers and aerobics instructors ($35,043), sports coaches ($37,566), athletic trainers ($45,873) and physical therapists ($83,020). Typically, employees that hold jobs that require advanced degrees, large amounts of training, and significant professional responsibility tend to receive more income and benefits than those that do not. Similarly, those with a substantial experience working in exercise science can anticipate better pay than entry-level professionals with little or no prior experience.

Workers in exercise science that become nationally certified in their specialty area may likewise earn higher salaries. One of the leading certification agencies for exercise science occupations in the United States is the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Currently, the ACSM offers certification for the following occupations: group exercise instructors, personal trainers, health fitness specialists, cancer exercise trainers, inclusive fitness trainers, physical activity in public health specialists, clinical exercise physiologists, and clinical exercise specialists.

Finally, since salary averages for any occupation tend to fluctuate between different cities and regions in the state, professionals with the willingness to relocate or commute for a position usually succeed in earning optimal salaries.

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