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Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Alabama - AL

The profession of family nurse practitioner has increased in demand as medical providers work to optimize health care options. Family nurse practitioners provide both nursing and healthcare services to patients. They perform many of the same functions as physicians, including establishing a patient base. Family nurse practitioners counsel patients, administer medical tests, and conduct other medical procedures. They can also diagnose and treat patients, including researching medicine and ordering testing. Family nurse practitioners are at the high end of the nursing profession, and often require education and experience beyond an initial registered nurse designation. Family nurse practitioners choose areas of specialization, much like physicians, and can work in a variety of areas, including general practice, midwifery, adult medicine, pediatrics, and acute care.

Family nurse practitioners meet the growing need for less expensive medical care. They are able to prescribe medication in Alabama, and they can work without direct physician supervision once they have been certified. This cuts down on the overcrowded wait for the physician in matters a family nurse practitioner is qualified to handle. The family nurse practitioner can set up his or her own patient base and see them on a regular basis without the need to refer to a physician.

Individuals who hold an active license as a registered nurse can attend family nurse practitioner programs in Alabama through either traditional campus or online educational formats with schools that are accredited to grant degrees in family nurse practice. Both formats are available to students in Alabama, and both are comparable in price and degree requirements. Students will work in a combination of classroom and practical courses, which are also called clinicals. Clinicals can be arranged through the school the individual is attending, and are often completed at a local hospital or clinic. Master’s programs usually take about two years to complete and require about 60 credit hours of work.

Family nurse practitioners that graduate from accredited master’s degree programs are able to work in medical centers, private offices, and some of the top hospitals in Alabama, including Huntsville Hospital, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Saint Vincent’s Birmingham, and Dekalb Regional Medical Center. Family nurse practitioners are also able to set up their own private offices once they are licensed to practice by the state of Alabama. This is advantageous in rural areas where medical care is in high demand.
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