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Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Idaho - ID

Expanding families means a higher need for family care providers and according to, Idaho ranks 4th in the nation for number of births per 1,000. Family nurse practitioner programs in Idaho prepare students for a career in the family practice field.

Before enrolling in one of Idaho’s family nurse practitioner programs, students must hold a bachelor’s degree. Typically, students already hold a bachelor’s in science and RN certification, however it isn’t uncommon for individuals with a non-science bachelor’s to pursue an education as an NP. For these students, programs exist to help them fulfill science and nursing prerequisites before transitioning into the NP program.

Not only are individuals switching careers and entering the medical field, they are also leading busy lives. For this reason, the methods for education have had to adapt to conform to a new generation of non-traditional students. Online programs have gained popularity, and the medical field is no exception. Without significant disruption to careers or daily lives, self-disciplined students can pursue their advanced degree online.

During the two-to-four year Master of Science in Nursing program required to become a nurse practitioner, students receive both in-class didactic instruction and hands-on clinical experience to fully prepare them for their career. This is true for both traditional students and those enrolled in online courses. No matter the method of education, students can expect to graduate with their MSN armed with ample knowledge of what it takes to be a family nurse practitioner.

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