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Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Indiana - IN

Indiana has 42 nurse practitioners per 100,000 people according to Compared to the 51 nurse practitioners per 100,000 throughout the United States.  Given this fact it seems as though a career as an NP in Indiana is a good choice.

 To become a family nurse practitioner in Indiana, individuals usually pursue a bachelor’s in science and obtain a registered nursing license. After successfully completing the BS and RN certification, graduates enroll in a Master of Science in Nursing program. The family nurse practitioner programs in Indiana are fulfilled through this MSN coursework.

There are essentially three types of students who pursue an MSN. The first type of student has achieved their BS and RN and wishs to further their education. The second type of student holds a bachelor’s, but not in a science field. For these students, there are programs where science prerequisites are fulfilled prior to transitioning into traditional coursework. Finally, there are students who are currently employed and wish to advance their degree without disrupting their career. These students often enroll in one of Indiana’s online family nurse practitioner programs.

No matter the educational route an individual decides to take, the instruction they receive will include ample book study that compliments hands-on clinical practicum.

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