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Family Nurse Practitioner Program in Rhode Island - RI

New programs are being developed and approved to meet the needs of nursing students. Family nurse practitioner programs in Rhode Island make it easier for nursing students to obtain the required master’s or doctorate degree.

Family nurse practice, while a specialized field, allows for a wider range of practice. A geriatric nurse practitioner, for example, works only with elderly patients while the person specializing in family practice may work with geriatric and pediatric patient groups alike.  

Rhode Island, as a state, is facing a major population shift and the medical schools are changing to compensate for that, making schooling for family nurse practitioners easier and more assessable. In Rhode Island, there is a growing trend in which the adult population, ages 20-34, is moving out of state and the many of the existing residents are aging. This is creating an immediate need for more health care providers.

In-campus, on-line and distance learning are all acceptable means of education, as long as the required classes are completed. For those students taking on-line classes, a school advisor can assist with scheduling campus visits and facilitating clinical rotations at a near-by medical facility. Many post-graduate students are already practicing nurses who can receive the required clinical work in their current positions.

To help determine the best school for you, research each one, looking at their curriculum, costs and the length of their program.

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