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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Alabama - AL

The profession of family nurse practitioner is expected to experience higher than average growth through the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Physician offices and home health care services will see the largest growth as technological advances in medical machinery allows for more treatment within the office and home settings. Nurse practitioners are in highest demand in underserved areas, such as inner cities and poor rural areas where they can provide lower cost primary care services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, family nurse practitioner salaries in Alabama vary slightly by region and population. Nonmetropolitan areas of Alabama provide an average yearly salary between $51,000 and $56,700, while nurse practitioners in Gadsden, AL average about $53,600 per year. Decatur, AL nurse practitioners make around $52,950 per year. These figures; however, are skewed very low by the fact that the BLS doesn’t distinguish between RNs and NPs when publishing their salary data.  A review of current job postings on reveals a much more accurate description of family nurse practitioner salaries at $91,000.  The increasing demand in the rural areas has provided a competitive salary throughout the state of Alabama.

Other factors that might affect demand and salary for family nurse practitioners in Alabama would include type of specialization, size of office or clinic, knowledge and experience, and personality. Family nurse practitioners who work in busy offices or high demand specializations like pediatrics see and bill for more patients. Knowledge and experience are important as patients develop trusting relationships with the care providers. Finally family nurse practitioners who can communicate well with their patients and make them feel at ease are more likely to see repeat patients and referrals as they are recommended to others.

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