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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in California - CA

The average yearly family nurse practitioner salary in California is one that should please students who plan to pursue this profession. The salary, quoted by as $90,000 annually, indicates that California family nurse practitioners tend to make salaries that are about 4% higher than those of family nurse practitioners in other states. Add to this the fact that many hospitals and medical facilities throughout the state that are hiring family nurse practitioners also offer them a signing bonus of between $2000 and $5000, and you’ll find that this can be a very attractive profession in the health care industry.

Pay rates, of course, vary depending on a variety of factors. These include one’s degree level, years of experience, and the setting in which one works. Income is also dependent upon where in California you work. The following is a listing of cities in California and the corresponding median annual family nurse practitioner salaries of those working in each city (courtesy of

  • San Diego:  $77,000
  • Los Angeles:  $88,000
  • San Francisco:  $103,000
  • Sacramento:  $77,000
  • Fresno:  $74,000
  • San Jose:  $105,000
  • Monterey:  $81,000
  • Bakersfield:  $79,000
  • Mission Hills:  $91,000
  • Lincoln:  $78,000
  • Folsom:  $78,000 notes that experience does tend to increase salaries of family nurse practitioners. For example, a “lead�? family nurse practitioner in Folsom makes an average annual salary of $229,000.

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