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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

The nation's capital, the District of Columbia (DC), is unfortunately home to one of the most drastic nursing shortages, and hence has one of the highest demands for nurses, particularly advanced practice nurses.  Based on this demand, family nurse practitioner Salaries in Washington, DC rank among the nation's top five nursing salaries, according to a 2010 salary survey from the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) organization.  For instance, on a national average, family nurse practitioners earned an annual full time salary ranging from about $64,000 to $84,000.  

In DC, however, while the average 2010 annual salary was $98,000 for a family nurse practitioner, posted January 2011 figures showing this average had increased to $107,000.  Furthermore, 2011 figures revealed that advanced practice nurses may earn annual salaries ranging from $94,000 in a family practice, all the way up to $292,000 as a lead Family Nurse Practitioner.  Years of experience, location, level of training, and area of specialization are all factors that influence the individual FNP’s salary in DC.  As in many other areas of the country, the demand in DC indicates the need to expand not only the number of family nurse practitioners in the area, but the scope of their practices to enable them to serve greater numbers of patients.   

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