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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Florida - FL

According to, family nurse practitioner (FNP) salaries in Florida averaged about $89,000 as of January 2011.  This salary figure varied greatly depending on many factors, including the FNP's years of experience, position, location of the facility, and specialty area.  

For example, statewide averages showed general family nursepPractitioners earned around $78,000, while lead Family Nurse Practitioners' annual salaries were as high as $243,000.  The facility‚Äôs location proved a major player in affecting salaries by thousands of dollars.  In Miami, annual salaries ranged from $66,000 to $240,000, depending on the facility and position, as noted above.  Salaries for comparable positions in Orlando varied from $62,000 to $225,000, while Jacksonville's figures ranged from $60,000 to $218,000.  Gainesville, reputed to be "one of the best small towns in Florida," offered FNP annual salaries ranging from $53,000 to $192,000.

Florida's 13,000 family nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses believe their education, experience, and salaries warrant their ability to knowledgeably write prescriptions. However, the "powers that be" in the State of Florida disagree, rendering defeat once again in a 2010 bill (SB 188), leaving Florida as one of only two states in the nation to disallow this improvement to the quality and access of care of its residents.

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