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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Illinois - IL

The state of Illinois boasts a median annual income of $53,413, nearly $3,500 more than the median annual income of the entire United States, according to This serves as an excellent starting point for comparing the state’s median income to a family nurse practitioner salary in Illinois.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that registered nurses throughout Illinois earn a median annual income that ranges between $ 44,300 and $67,830. There are two essential factors to take into account about these salary statistics, however. First, the reported wages differ significantly based on location within the state. As is often the case, larger areas, such as Chicago and Lake County, report a higher wage than smaller cities like Davenport.

A second factor to consider is that the BLS includes the wages of all registered nurses in their calculations. Generally, individuals who have advanced education and corresponding higher certification earn more than those who do not. Therefore, the reported median annual income of registered nurses is quite a bit lower than Illinois family nurse practitioner salaries actually are. According to the BLS, registered nurses in Illinois who earned $50,940-83,610 fell in the 75th percentile for annual income. Additionally, those in the 90th percentile earned $62,180-93,370.

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