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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Iowa - IA

Family nurse practitioner (FNP), which is a designated specialty for advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), is a satisfying and rewarding profession.

Due to considerable growth in the elderly population in the country as well as changing health care needs, this profession is expected to see continued growth. The website reports that the projected outlook for the registered nurse (RN) profession is excellent with 18-26% projected growth in the next several years. The number of RNs, which includes the designation of family nurse practitioner, is expected to grow by about half a million nationwide in the coming decade.

Since Iowa allows FNPs to set up independent practices, there is an element of collaboration as well as autonomy in this profession. Not only is it a meaningful career that involves daily interaction with patients, it also compensates very well.

According to, a leading website providing salaries based on present openings, the average family nurse practitioner salary in Iowa is $88,000. When contrasted with the lower cost of living in Iowa, it becomes apparent that this profession pays quite well.  The salaries also depend on factors such as training and experience, location, employee or independent practice as well as sub-specialty within the FNP profession.

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