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Family Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Kansas - KS

Based on the website, Kansas ranks 15th on Health Index (HI) – a measure compiled by taking 21 health factors into account. Kansas has a HI of 7.85 and the national average is 2.1. American college for nurse practitioners (ACNP) ranks states from A – F based on the choice they allow for patients. Kansas ranks as a C on that scale. These statistics suggest that while Kansas residents are relatively healthier, there is considerable room for growth of health care here. 

The family nurse practitioner salary in Kansas is as handsome as it is nationwide. According to, a website reporting professional salaries based on current openings, the salary for a nurse practitioner (NPs) in Kansas is $84,000. This is about 13% lower than the United States average of $96,000. However, this number should be taken in perspective with the cost of living in Kansas. Based on, a web guide, the cost of living in Kansas is 21.35% lower than US in general, making NP an attractive field to work in this state.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the outlook for registered nurses (RNs), including nurse practitioners, from 2008 – 2018 is excellent. This means that this profession would create jobs at a much faster pace than other professions. Kansas department of labor (KDOL) mentions that the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2009 were all health related.  It also states that RNs were among the occupations with the highest employment rate in the state.

Given this brilliant outlook and the excellent reputation that NPs enjoy, this meaningful career is poised for rapid growth in the state. Aspiring RNs in Kansas’ metros of Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City and those working in some of the reputable hospitals including Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi Regional Medical Center, Saint Francis Health Center can get started by pursuing a master’s degree program from an accredited school.

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